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Quality Australian Made, New, Used and Factory Second Wheelie Bins – CHEAP!

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Our Vision

We are an innovative
global leader with:
The highest skilled,
dedicated team.
The highest quality products.
The most reliable services.
Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Mission

To provide affordable and reliable waste management products and services to everyone, everywhere in the world.

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About Us

Our Vision

We are an innovative global leader with:

  • The highest skilled, dedicated team
  • The highest quality products
  • The most reliable services
  • Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our Mission

To provide affordable and reliable waste management products and services to everyone, everywhere in the world.

Our Culture

Nurture – Protect, support, encourage and educate each other always.
Opportunity – Make the most of every opportunity.

Safety – Always. For myself, those around me and our future.
Teamwork – Together everyone achieves more.
Reliability – My own, and of the services I am providing.
Efficiency – Optimise use of time, cost, range, value & profitability.
Success – In life, in my role and for the growth of the company.
Satisfaction – In my efforts, from my peers & the results for my customers.

Our Story

Australian Waste Management are focused on providing a range of environmentally friendly recycling and waste management services designed to rescue recyclable waste from landfill and assist customers with lowering their waste management costs while still helping the environment.

Our main focus is on RECYCLING! Currently the main waste streams we are working hard to minimise and subsequently the services we are focusing on are Office Paper and Cardboard Recycling, Plastic & Glass Bottle Recycling and Steel & Aluminium Can Recycling.

With many years of experience in the recycling and waste industry, our team are more than qualified to assist customers in reducing and managing their waste through recycling and to also introduce them to recycled products manufactured from environmentally friendly renewable sources.

Australian Waste Management was formed in 2003 from humble beginnings, with a small, but highly dedicated team focused on providing reliable and affordable waste management solutions and the best customer service around. The team wanted to provide customers with quick and simple solutions to their waste and recycling problems with the minimum of fuss and effort while maintaining the most affordable prices in the industry. A lot to ask, but we will let you be the judge.

In January, 2004, Australian Waste Management purchased a large number of bins on location with customers from Paperaway, who had previously acquired them from Softex, the Victorian paper recycling division of a large Queensland based tissue manufacturer, buying out a large section of their Victorian waste paper recycling establishment.

In July, 2006, Australian Waste Management took over A2Z Recycling, a medium sized waste management and recycling company in Victoria, bringing on board a large number of new customers, and widening our focus from Paper, Cardboard and Document Destruction, to also include Glass & Plastic Bottle and Steel & Aluminium Can Recycling.

The takeover of A2Z Recycling also brought with it the distribution rights for Nylex Plastics in Australia, making us one of few Authorised Nylex Plastic and Wheelie Bin product distributors in Victoria, and allowing us to stock 4 sizes and 12 colours of wheelie bin.

Since Nylex Plastics was acquired by Transpacific Industries in 2009, Australian Waste Management has forged strong bonds with other Australian Wheelie Bin Manufacturers to ensure an ongoing continuous supply of good quality, Australian made wheelie bins for our customers. We can also help source non standard sizes and colours upon request.

You will see a number of different coloured recycling bins with a few different names on them at times. The common names seen on Australian Waste Management bins are Softex Recycling, A2Z Recycling and Australian Waste Management. Any of the associated telephone numbers, will get you in touch with us!

In September 2009, Australian Waste Management purchased their own shredding plant, installing it in their West Footscray factory in Melbourne’s Inner West. This plant recycles all paper and cardboard waste by shredding it into tiny pieces ensuring your confidential documents remain that way. After shredding, the paper fibres are recycled back into numerous paper and cardboard products.

The Future

Australian Waste Management will soon be looking to expand recycling operations into New South Wales and Queensland, giving complete coverage of the eastern states. Once this is achieved, we will look at recycling in South Australia, then Western Australia and finally the Northern Territory. Our eventual aim is to provide our cost effective and environmentally friendly recycling services to the whole of Australia, and on to the rest of the world.

We don’t think there should be one big player in recycling. We aim to give customers choice. Choice to decide who they want helping them help the environment. Why be forced to pay high prices? With competition come price reductions. With price reductions come savings. Help us put a check on a monopolized industry.

We will continue to develop our business in harmony with our customers, setting in place the mutual partnership arrangements with new customers that our existing customers have enjoyed over the past decade. We do not see our customers as part of our business, they are our business.