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Paper and Cardboard Recycling Collection, Melbourne

Annual Fee:
Once Off Delivery Fee:
+ $40.00
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For more frequent collections or alternate collection days, please enquire about our personalised collection services.

Free Document Destruction Bag valued at $74 with every new service!

Use our paper recycling and cardboard collection service to recycle all types of waste paper and waste cardboard from your home, office, business, factory or school. We can recycle all paper and cardboard including shredded paper, coloured paper, brown recycled paper, magazines, newspaper, hand towel, cardboard boxes and tubes. Any paper or cardboard product from anywhere within our coverage area. Even difficult or out of the way locations can usually be catered for, and no customer is too big OR too small.

Australian Waste Management can supply one or more paper and cardboard recycling bins ranging in size from 240 litre up to 1100 litre with collections available twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or at call depending on your location and requirements.

Paper & Cardboard Collections
Bin Size (in Litre) Collection Frequency Once Off Delivery Fee2 Annual Fee Collection Fee
Morning (Early) Collections3 Daytime Collections4
240 Weekly $40 $249 $349 FREE1
Fortnightly $40 $199 $299 FREE1
4 Weekly $40 $99 $199 FREE1
At Call $40 $149 $199 FREE1
660 Weekly $40 $449 $549 FREE1
Fortnightly $40 $349 $449 FREE1
4 Weekly $40 $249 $349 FREE1
1100 Weekly $40 $549 $649 FREE1
Fortnightly $40 $449 $549 FREE1

1. All scheduled Paper and Cardboard Recycling collections are FREE. Urgent collections (if required) may attract an urgent call out fee. Alternatively, excess (within reason) can be placed out in bags or boxes with your bin for your next collection at no extra charge.

2. The "Once Off Delivery Fee" is only charged initially to get your bin on site when commencing a new service.

3. Morning (Early) Collections require the bin to be placed out by 5pm the day prior.

4. Daytime Collections require the bin to be placed out by 8:30am unless otherwise arranged prior.

Additional Charges

  • "At Call" bins not out when the driver attends attract a "Bin Not Out" fee of $12.
  • "At Call" services are to be collected less than once every 4 weeks otherwise additional charges may apply.
  • All paper and cardboard recycling collections are FREE on the normal day that we service your area. Urgent collections (if required) attract a $40 per bin urgent call out fee.

Why choose Australian Waste Management for your recycling solution?

  • One single, simple annual fee to pay and all of your paper and cardboard waste is taken care of. It's Too Easy!
  • No minimum or maximum number of bins means you only pay for what you need.
  • No fixed term contracts to sign, if required, you can cancel at any time.
  • Discounts for larger quantities and multiple services or sites.
  • No Per Empty Fees.
  • No Administration Fees.
  • No Monthly Fees.
  • No Bin Rental Fees.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the above prices up to date?
A. Yes, as at Monday 26th October, 2015
Q. Are the above prices REAL?
A. Yes, low overheads and good management allow us to keep our prices low!
Q. Is it REALLY this easy?
A. YES! Just click the link above. Hassle FREE!
Q. What’s the catch?
A. There is none, well not that we have found.
Q. What can be put in the bin?
A. If it is made out of paper, it can go in the bin. i.e. White paper, coloured paper, newspaper, magazines, books, packing paper, cardboard, ANYTHING made from paper!
Q. Do the Office Paper bins need to be placed kerbside for collection?
A. YES! For Morning (Early) Collections by 5pm the day prior, for Daytime Collections by 8:30am on the organised collection day, and left there until emptied.