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Quality Australian Made, New, Used and Factory Second Wheelie Bins – CHEAP!

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Bin Lifters

Liftmaster Ecolift 50 Bin Lifter

Bin Lifter

This bin lifter uses a manual crank handle operating unit to lift and empty wheelie bins into dumpsters. The wheelie bin lifer is the perfect solution for businesses and schools because anybody can use this simple bin lifter. The Liftmaster Ecolift 50 Bin Lifter is capable of lifting weights of up to 50kg in a single lift. This makes the Ecolift perfect for small offices, local councils and schools with the need to discard of paper waste by emptying wheelie bins a couple of times a day. The potentially unsafe process of emptying wheelie bins into a larger dumpster bin by hand becomes a thing of the past when you buy this bin lifter. To lift a wheelie bin simply rotate the crank handle by hand. It is that easy! This is an easy, cost effective wheelie bin lifting solution that will protect your staff from the risk of obtaining costly and painful back injuries.

Australian Waste Management’s Ecolift 50 is 100% Australian-made and designed. This bin lifter is manufactured using high quality components. Its dimensions are 1050L x 850W x 860H. This ensures that is it easy to store. Its Fallshaw castors means that is mobile and easy to move around. One person can effortlessly move it in and out of storage. The Ecolift 50′s frame is weather resistance due to its powder coated finish.

Price: $3,299 including GST.

Liftmaster Universal 250kg Bin Lifter

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This is a practical and effortless push button solution to emptying your smaller bins into larger dumpsters, front lift bins or static compactors.

All 2 wheel bins (80ltr, 120ltr, 140ltr, 240ltr) fit in this lifter up to 250kg capacity.

Price: $10,945 including GST.

Did I mention CHEAP?

Our Australian made bin lifters come with some of the lowest prices in Victoria, if not Australia! We offer low prices and excellent customer service, with convenient delivery option, to ensure that you are happy with your new bin lifter from Australian Waste Management.

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