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Secure Document Destruction Bins
Greater Melbourne and Geelong Areas

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Why do I need Document Destruction?

Your private information is important and more valuable than you may realise.

Fraud and identity theft costs Australians more than $10 million per year. To criminals this is one of the easiest ways to earn an income.

Whilst you may protect your home, your office and your computer network from theft, if your confidential papers are not handled and destroyed securely, you are vulnerable to potentially more harmful threats.

Incorrectly disposing of sensitive documents can lead to identity theft, fraud and financial loss.

Important, sensitive and confidential documents range from:

  • Staff and Customer Identity Information
  • Architectural Plans and Drawings
  • Business & Personnel Records
  • Medical & Patient Records
  • Contracts and Tenders
  • Office Files

Australia has some of the strictest privacy and data security laws in the world. The Privacy Act and other government legislation mandates the secure handling, storage and destruction of almost all private and personal information, with harsh penalties for non-compliance.

Always remember, if you’re not sure, securely dispose of it. But if you’re certain a document is not sensitive, we can also provide a Standard Paper and Cardboard Recycling Collection service.

Can’t I just shred it myself?

Shredding documents yourself is a time consuming, messy and expensive process.

Don’t forget to factor in all of the costs. Good quality, high security shredders are very expensive, usually in the thousands of dollars. Then there’s the maintenance, the power consumption, yours and your teams time.

Small office shredders can take hours to process a decent amount of documents, and depending on your shredder model and its security level, it may still be possible to reconstruct the documents. Not to mention the possibility of workplace accidents or injuries, and even the unwillingness of team members to actually complete the task.

Once you have shredded the documents, you still have to empty the shredder into a Paper Recycling Bin (which you also then still have to pay for).

With a document destruction bin, the documents are securely stored, transported and destroyed to the highest security level, as well as being recycled, all for the one low price.

Using a small office shredder might seem like a smart idea initially, but once you add it all together…

Wouldn’t you rather focus your time on more important tasks in your core business and leave your document destruction to trained professionals?

How are the documents securely stored?

All document destruction bins remain on your premises and should be kept locked at all times. Our document destruction bins can only be opened by one of our trained document destruction specialists or a nominated representative within your organisation who ensures the key is not left in the bin and is held in a secure location (such as a safe or locked drawer) at all times.

How are the documents securely destroyed?

Once the documents are collected from your site, they are taken to an accredited secure facility featuring state of the art monitored CCTV and alarm systems, and are shredded to the highest security level possible before being recycled into pulp to create new products such as printing paper, toilet paper, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and other paper products. This also eliminates any possibility of reconstruction of the documents.

What can be placed in the bin?

If it is made from paper, it can go in the bin. Some examples include white paper, coloured paper, newspaper, magazines, books, packing paper and cardboard.

Our State of the art proprietary shredding process can also handle ring binders, plastic pockets/dividers, paperclips, staples, bull clips and window faced envelopes, saving you more time by not having to sort through and remove these items.

What do I do on the collection day?

Nothing, one of our friendly team members will attend your office and swap your full bin for an empty one. Please remember to keep your key as it will work with the new bin.

What do I do if I lose the Key?

A replacement key can be ordered via our online store.

What if I need a document destruction bin urgently delivered, removed or swapped over?

We can customise any of our services to suit your requirements. Document destruction bins can be delivered, removed or swapped over in as little as an hour if and when needed.

This includes after hours and on weekends.

Is it really this affordable? Are there any other fees?

We pride ourselves on providing customers with simple and transparent pricing. There are no weekly or monthly bin rental fees, no administration fees, no hidden fees, in fact no other fees at all!

What type of customers do you service?

We service anyone with a secure and confidential document destruction need. Domestic, Commercial, Government, Homes, Offices, Schools, it doesn’t matter. If you have documents that need to be handled and destroyed securely, we have you covered with collections tailored to suit all needs.

Are there other benefits to a document destruction service?

100% of the paper is recycled. Each tonne of recycled paper saves up to 17 trees, 31,000 litres of water and 4000 KW of electricity. Do we need any more reasons?

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In addition to our General Terms and Conditions [PDF]

Available Options

Collection Frequency1 Once Off Delivery Fee2 Annual Fee Collection Fee3
Weekly $69 $2,049 FREE
Fortnightly $69 $1,449 FREE
4 Weekly $69 $899 FREE
At Call4 $69 $169 $69
  1. Available collection frequencies are dependent on location.
  2. The "Once Off Delivery Fee" is only charged initially to get your first bin on site when commencing a new service.
  3. Regular scheduled collections are free of charge. Urgent Collections may attract an urgent call out fee.
  4. Customers on an “At Call” service must call to arrange a collection which will be booked for the next available collection day in your area.


New customers are required to complete a quick and easy sign up process. An account will be established which will provide payment terms of 14 days after end of month. Payments can be made via EFT, Credit Card, Cheque or Direct Deposit, although EFT is preferred.


Services can be cancelled at any time as we do not believe in lock in contracts. Services are automatically renewed at the end of the current term. To cancel a service, simply contact us via email at any time. No refunds will be issued for unused services, however credits can be applied to other services.