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Secure Document Destruction Services, Melbourne

Infrequent, Regular or Once Off Collections

Document Destruction Bags

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To cater for small or infrequent quantities, our Secure and Confidential Document Destruction service offerings begin with Document Destruction Bags which come with individually numbered and tracked tamper proof security tags.

They hold approx 140 litres of documents when full, but fold flat and can be stored in a stationary cupboard when empty. These bags are good for once off small Confidential Document collections or to have on hand in the cupboard in case a quick and easy clean up is required, such as when a staff member leaves the company. This is a cheap, quick and easy alternative to having a bin on site but still gives you the freedom of having somewhere secure to place the documents until we attend to remove them. Document Destruction Bags are also handy if space is at a premium and you don’t have room to fit a bin in your office.
Priced from $69, they are our most affordable option.

When the bag is filled, you can contact us for a pickup.

Document Destruction Bins

Our second Secure Document Destruction option, which is more suited to ongoing regularly scheduled or at call Document Destruction collections, or when Secure Bins are required on site to sort through your documents and storing them in boxes or bags until collection is not suitable. We can deliver one or more 240ltr Document Bins to your site and leave them for as long as is required. This is a more expensive option for once off Document Collections or end of year archive clearances than a “Site Attendance”, but is cost affective for regularly scheduled or at call collections throughout the year. Priced from $169.

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Bulk Archive Destruction/Site Clearances/Site Attendances

Extremely popular is our Site Attendance Service, which is our preferred Bulk Archive Destruction removal option. It is by far our cheapest and most convenient option for removing documents or archives from your site. It is aimed at once off or infrequent collections of archives to be destroyed and recycled. There are no minimum or maximum quantity requirements, however all documents need to be stacked, bagged or boxed ready for our team to come and take them away on the spot. Our highly trained team will come in to your premises and load all documents, bags and boxes for removal and destruction into Document Destruction Bins and will remove them until everything is cleared. Our price for this service starts as low as $99. Click the link below for an instant online quote and to book if you would like to proceed.

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