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Melbourne’s Waste Crisis Solution

Whether it's relaxing, dining, or shopping, Melbourne seems to have it all in a colourful and artistic cultural environment. The city is well-known as the capital of Victoria where investors perceive that anytime is a great time to start a business.

Australia is well known for its clean and pleasant sanitation and organized waste disposal network. For locals, they have access to a wide range of services for reusing, recycling or disposing of unwanted household items and materials. For Businesses and Schools, it’s a matter of finding the best waste management and recycling solution that is suited for their budget requirements.

Waste Crisis: The Good News

To set the direction and vision for a more sustainable Victoria, the Government proposed a long term strategy for waste disposal – The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Strategic Plan. The plan seeks to minimise the amount of waste generated and maximise opportunities for recovering materials.

Gavin Jennings, the Minister of Environment and Climate change, believes that ‘The Victorian Government will play a leadership role and work with councils, industry and the broader community in the plan’s implementation'Key quotes from the plan are as follows:

City of Melbourne

This Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Strategic Plan has been developed to further deliver on key targets and intentions of Towards Zero Waste for metropolitan Melbourne. In particular, these include encouraging the recovery and reuse of different materials; Victoria becoming a flagship for progress in resource recovery technologies, services and infrastructure; and improvement of recycling and efficiency in resource use.”

Australian Waste Crisis Solution

With increasing prices for waste and recycling due to the continuing crisis in waste management, it is important to save money where you can. This includes general waste as well as other waste services. There are many promising ideas being put in place in Melbourne and Victoria from new transfer station facilities to better rubbish tips – and we aim to keep you up to date on all this info in our blogs.

Australian Waste Management offers reliable, trustworthy and affordable waste and recycling products and services to homes, schools and businesses – that means customers need not worry about long term lock-in contracts or the dreaded rollover clause without any consent. Simply click the button below to check out and compare services and pricing for your business:

Government Projects

Research suggests that some rubbish bins that are full of recyclables are unfortunately being sent to landfill (around 300,000 wheelie bins worth each week).  The government encourages everyone to separate recyclable material and green waste from other waste. Check out some of the innovative projects in this video: