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3 Reasons Why You Should Re-think Office Shredding


Startups, firms and a lot of business consume papers now more than ever. Bulk papers and documents mean there is more sensitive information exposed to potential misuse. Handling sensitive content should be treated seriously by business owners and their employees. As part of a company, you wouldn’t want to create a ticking time bomb for those scenarios and do everything you can to avoid identity theft. To protect your company and the customer’s identity, adherence to strict document destruction policies is a huge requirement.

When initially comparing document destruction services to in-house shredding, some owners end up purchasing their own office shredders. At first, this seems to be an affordable solution when they leave the secure document destruction tasks to their employees. The fact is, it is probably costing you more energy, time and money more than you imagine.

Here are 3 Reasons why you should re-think about office shredders as an investment:

#1: You might want to think about your financial and physical health.

Office shredders for sure are not entirely expensive products. But before buying one, there are maintenance fees, replacement costs and regular cleaning service budgets to be considered. Most office shredders have life expectancies of 12-24 months (36 months if you’re really lucky).

Based on usage and especially when paper shredding is done regularly, its life expectancy drastically drops. When you combine this with cleaning and maintenance costs, you should be spending more than your monthly budgets. Additionally, you and your employees’ health might be at risk when there are large amounts of shredding that causes a lot of dust.

#2: You might want to consider the lost opportunities.

The cost of owning and using a paper shredder doesn’t stop with maintenance fees. When you leave the dirty work to your employees, time and energy costs need to be considered as well.

It takes an amount of time for one to go through sorting and determine which documents need shredding. It includes removing the clips, and staples, to the main work like walking from the desk to the shredder, feeding it with the documents, cleaning residues and disposing of the shredded papers.

#3: You might want to remove the bottlenecks on productivity.

Busy seasons like End of the Fiscal year, End of School Year or tax seasons would mean an increase in the number of shredding duties. Similarly, these are periods where everyone’s workloads are maxed out.

If you are already spending hourly for your assigned shredding employee, you may end up spending more for overtime costs just for them to get the job accomplished. Additionally, the loss of productivity due to the employee taking time to finish shredding makes it clear that in-house shredding in general costs more than what we’ve been all thinking.

Solution: A Cost-Effective Alternative Your Office Can Implement Today!

Why worry about these things when document destruction services can easily get the job done for you? They are quick, effective and affordable in providing secure document destruction whenever you need it.

Document destruction service most of the time is packaged with waste management or archive collection, to greatly reduce professional costs and accomplish more things for convenience.

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