Australian Waste Management

Recycling Boxes

Australian Waste Management provide a range of off-the-shelf products. Our wide range of products includes new and used wheelie bins, recycling boxes, bin liners, bin stands, tow-a-bin bin towing attachments, chemicals and a wide variety of spare parts.



  • Desktop Recycling Boxes

    Desktop Recycling Boxes

    Ideal solution for a small office to promote recycling. These Recycling bins can be stored on a desktop to keep them away from foot traffic.

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    Length: 300mm, Width: 240mm, Height: 350mm
    From $4.00
  • Floor Recycling Boxes

    Floor Recycling Boxes

    Ideal solution for any office to promote recycling.

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    Length: 405mm, Width: 305mm, Height: 589mm
    From $5.00